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Zilverprints offers a way to have your photos printed in silver and gold. 

I could make your portrait in my purpose-build Zilverprinting studio,

or on your location, or you can simply send in your own favorite photographs. 






Not all photo's are suitable for Zilverprinting though. 
It needs to have well defined light and shadow areas, and preferably a dark background. In general, if your photo looks good in black & white, it will work as a Zilverprint! Some color can be printed as well, but it will mostly be limited to warm colors in gold,  and cold colors in silver. In foil, more colors are possible. 

Please take a look in the store for an indication of sizes, color-options and prices.

If you have made up your mind, or if you are not sure yet if your work is suitable, just contact me and we will discuss the possibilities!  

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