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  • How do you do it?
    It is done using a fine-tuned black and white laser printer. The image is inverted to negative, and then laser-printed on to black paper. Then the silver film is carefully placed on the image, and heat-pressed using a laminator. The toner of the laserprinter melts, and acts as a glue for the film. When the excess film is removed, a shiny positive image remains! Using this technique is called "hot-foiling" of "foil printing", and is mostly done with simple black-and-white graphic images, like letters and logo's. It is quite easy, and there's a lot of tutorials available online. But to be able to get all the beautiful subtle gradients of photographs printed correctly, requires delicate fine-tuning of your equipment, special adjustments for every image, and preferably the use of REAL gold and silver. To the best of my knowledge, I am currently only one who does this. (-feb 2020)
  • Is it real gold and silver?
    Yes, I use real gold leaf and silver leaf. It is extremely thin an delicate, and therefor hard to handle, but still affordable and it looks beautiful! However, I can print using foil in any metallic color, including gold and silver, which is much easier to handle and much cheaper, while it still looks amazing.
  • What kind of photos can I send in?
    You can send in any photo you like! But some images are more suitable for Zilverprinting than others. The composition of light and dark is the most important factor. It works best on black paper, so your photo's should preferably have pronounced dark area's. It's shapes should be well-defined by light and shadow. Flash-photo's generally do not work, since they eliminate most shadows. If you have any doubts, just send in your image and I will let you know the possibilities. In the future, I will make it possible to see a live preview of your Zilverprinted photo on the site.
  • Can you make my portrait?
    Yes, I can! just drop me a line tell me what you wish, and we will discuss the possibilities!
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Probably yes, check the shipping calculator in the store to see how much it costs.
  • Can you make my wedding / christmas / birthday / business cards?
    The process of making Zilverprints is a labour of love, done by hand, one print at a time. So large quantities are generally out of the question. But if you have a very special request, and a matching generous budget, I'm willing to consider of course.
  • Can you print in full color?
    Using multiple layers of colored foil to create one full color image is indeed possible! But it is complicated to get right. Each layer has to be done seperately, and they rarely match up exactly, which causes some visible 'ghosting' effects in the final image. Zilverprinting works best with 1-3 seperate colors.
  • Can I pay with Bitcoin?
    Currently, my website provider does not support bitcoin payments. However, I do have a bitcoin account, and thus I am open to payments in bitcoin. Contact me and we will work it out!
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